Custom orders

Each Isola necktie and bow tie is hand made in our island studio where all design and production takes place. We are open to custom orders, if you have an idea or a special request, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working together so you could receive a unique piece tailored to your wishes.

Isola weddings and custom orders


Do you charge extra for custom orders?
No, custom orders are not extra charged, but may take a bit longer to produce. In most cases, production time is no longer than 5 business days.

Can you make a classic, single color bow tie?
Yes. Although each bow tie in the shop is double sided, we can make a classic bow tie in a single color of your choice. This means that both sides of a bow tie will be made with the same fabric.

How do I place an order for a single color bow tie?
Find a bow tie you would like to be made in a classic version and add it to cart. Write your desired color/pattern paired with the word 'classic' (e.g. 'classic teal', 'classic dark grey', 'classic stone blue floral') in a 'Note to seller' before checkout.

I'm planning my wedding and I wanted to place an order for five identical bow ties for me and my groomsmen but the quantity is fixed to 1. Do you have them available?
Most items are available in larger quantities, but due to frequent changes in our inventory, all items in shop are listed in quantity of 1. Please contact us here and we will modify the inventory so you can place an order.

What is your turnover time for wedding orders?
Size of your order will determine how long it would take, but this usually is never more than 5 business days. All items are specially cared for and packaged for delivery, we will make sure that you receive exactly what you're expecting.

My wedding is in two weeks, I'm wondering if you could offer express shipping and how much/how long would it take?
Yes, express shipping is available. Contact us asap with your full address and we will provide you with all the details. Your location will determine the exact cost and expected delivery time. 

Do you offer any discount for larger orders?
Yes, discount is available upon ordering five items or more, please contact us with your order details and we will provide you with more information.

Do you make pocket squares as well?
At this moment, we don't have them in our offer.

I'm looking for a necktie / bow tie in a specific color but I couldn't find it in your shop. Do you have this color available?
It's very possible that we do. Please contact us here and we'll look into this.

Do you send swatches?
Yes, you can order up to four fabric samples at a flat rate of EUR 7, tracking included. Seeing the color and texture of a fabric in-person is a great way to decide between several fabrics and to make sure they'll work for your occasion.

Contact us:
For any inquiries about custom orders, please contact us here or send an email to